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Waterproof Softshell Jacket Windbreaker Uniform Caltrop

(6 customer reviews)


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Waterproof Softshell Jacket Windbreaker Uniform Caltrop

Waterproof and Windbreaker Jacket.
*Softshell technology: It is a type of fabric, which is made up of 3 different layers to create a unique combination in the textile field. These layers are composed of polyester on the outside, an intermediate breathable membrane and micro wool on the inside.
With detachable hood.
Zippered pockets on the arms.
2 Front zipper pockets.
4 internal pockets with clasp.
Zipper under arms for ventilation
Back pocket with two closures with mesh fabric inside for breathing.
Adjustable cuffs with drawstring ties.

Condition: New
Weight (kg): 1
Tags: compera, softshell, caltrop, waterproof, windbreaker, uniform
Item code: IN0112403

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 10×10×5 cm

CEO Dines

Item Condition



Softshell Uniform Jacket


Black, Dark green



6 reviews for Campera Softshell Impermeable Rompe Vientos Abrojo Uniforme

  1. Free Market User

    Not recommendable. The closures are defective (they get stuck), the finishes lack quality, the buckles are misaligned, the sleeve buckles are smaller than the shields that are normally used. I don't recommend it.

  2. Free Market User

    Spectacular…. Good product. Good quality. What I expected.

  3. Free Market User

    Excellent product. Good construction and design plus the quality of the fabric adds prestige.

  4. Free Market User

    Recommended.. The problem is the quality of the closures. The first time I put it on, the main closure falsified.

  5. Free Market User

    Very good. Very good jacket. But a little small despite the xxxl I had.

  6. Free Market User

    EXCELLENT. Very good product, an excellent purchase, thank you.

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Size XXXL - Armhole: 66 cm, Shoulders: 52 cm, Length: 75 cm, Sleeves: 66 cm,
Size XXL - Armhole: 64 cm, Shoulders: 50 cm, Length: 73 cm, Sleeves: 65 cm,
Size XL - Armhole: 62 cm, Shoulders: 48 cm, Length: 71 cm, Sleeves: 64 cm,
Size L - Armhole: 60 cm, Shoulders: 46 cm, Length: 70 cm, Sleeves: 63 cm,
Size M - Armhole: 58 cm, Shoulders: 44 cm, Length: 69 cm, Sleeves: 62 cm,
Size S - Armhole: 56 cm, Shoulders: 42 cm, Length: 68 cm, Sleeves: 61 cm,
Size XS - Armhole: 54 cm, Shoulders: 40 cm, Length: 67 cm, Sleeves: 60 cm,

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